Teaching Solutions is an independent Australian publisher of resource materials to support early childhood educators.
We also publish resources for primary and junior secondary classroom teachers.

Early Childhood

The new Teaching Solutions catalogue of resources for early learning professionals.
It is now eight years since Teaching Solutions published its first book for the early childhood professional, The Early Years Learning Framework in Practice, a landmark title which has sold over 13,000 copies. Since then we have released over 70 titles covering every facet of early childhood education.
We think our list of new titles for the coming year may be our best yet and we are delighted to present our 2017 offerings which you will see in the first four pages of this, our 2017 catalogue.
We are particularly excited by Exceeding the Standards: Planning for Continuous Quality Improvement, our first release of the year which will give great support to all educators aiming to meet the requirements of the National Quality Standard.
Learning English as a Second Language is a first on this topic for the early years.
You will also find Engaging with Maths through Picture Books, a book on the role of the educational leader.
We will be releasing Bringing STEM to Life, the first book to show educators how the very important STEM curriculum can be addressed through play.
As always, we aim to provide practical advice in an easily accessible format. We hope you will enjoy perusing our new catalogue.

Barney Rivers


Click here to download the new Teaching Solutions catalogue of resources for early learning professionals.






Teaching Solutions publishes a wide range of resources for classroom teachers including:

  • extension and enrichment programs,
  • reproducible student activities,
  • lesson plans,
  • guides to producing classroom activities
  • and, in many cases, additional resources on CD.

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Additional Needs and Teacher Support

Teaching Solutions publishes an outstanding ranges of resources to support teachers of children with additional and special needs that inspire and inform,and are practical and are easy to use.


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