Time to Move


Author:Trudi Fitzhenry, Karen Henry, Kay Margetts


Format:292 x 205 mm PB




Many children now spend much of their time swiping and tapping rather than playing with toys, getting messy in the mud, building sandcastles, drawing or crafting. So, how do we ensure that they acquire the basic motor skills their counterparts possessed only a few years ago?

The focus of this book is on supporting infants, toddlers and young children to move from physical dependence to the development of sensory and motor skills and movement patterns that combine both fine and gross motor movement with increasing integration, skill and purpose.

  • It identifies the typical development within age ranges, from birth to 60+ months.
  • It provides clear guidance on what to observe for the key stages and how to assess what is seen using assessment notes and progress checklists.
  • It gives practical suggestions for what to do if progress is not observed and how to plan the next steps for each child.
  • It provides additional activities offering a wealth of ideas for supporting the consolidation of different skills for specific ages ranges and stages.


Time to Move is a practical, structured resource for all educators to use for assessing and supporting children’s physical development and wellbeing - a key outcome of the EYLF.

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